Ruggerite’s Haven:

The world is mad about rugby. That much is true. Some people love watching the game. Some people love playing the game. If you are fond of playing the game, that’s where your journey begins. But first you need to be familiar with the rules of the game.

Rugby is dubbed as one of the most intricate games in the world. It will easily confuse you. But do not worry, the further you go the more you get familiar with the game. And that means there will be only a few confusions.

Rugby has four basic rules: fundamental, onside and offside, penalties and foul play, and disciplinary matters.


The fundamental rule is that you should never pass or knock the ball forward from another player’s hands. You can always throw it sideways or backwards. You can even kick it in any direction, but you are not allowed to pass forward.

As a player, you should aim to stay onside. If another player ahead of you makes an attempt to play the ball he is considered an offside player. He might be prone to a penalty. Penalties and foul play are interconnected. A penalty is usually given to a foul. If you watch a match on television, you are unlikely to spot a foul play. A foul play usually happens amid rucking and mauling. Most players tend to think that he referee would not spot their acts. On the contrary, the referees spot these foul plays and the players will be subject to penalties by way of punishment. Foul play is also known as obstruction, unfair play, repeated infringements or dangerous play/misconduct.

Disciplinary matters are linked with the cards. A yellow card will be issued as a final warning. If you receive this card, you will be sent to the sidelines for 10 minutes. This process is known as the sin bin. If you happen to repeat a similar offence, then you will be issued a red card which means that you will be off the match for ever.

When you understand these basics, and be familiar with them, you will no longer see the game as a complicated activity.

The target of any ruggerite is to use the ball to score as much as points more than the other players or the team. That is why you see the players run with the ball in hand, kick the ball and pass the ball in frenzy. But do not ever pass the ball forward. If it has to go forward that is only by being kicked or carried in hand.

The best way to familiarize the game is to join a club. There are many rugby clubs across the globe. If you visit a website such as, you can conveniently browse a good listing of rugby clubs around the world. You can find rugby clubs near your place and join. If you happen to have a rugby club, you can easily list it in the website for no fee at all.


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