All Blacks – The Champions of Rugby

Small but mighty

A population of just 4.63 million is nothing much to talk about when compared to other Rugby playing nations like Australia, England, South Africa or even Japan but Rugby could be in the blood of the New Zealanders.

They won the first “Rugby World Cup” in 1987 beating France at Eden Park, Auckland and are the only nation to successfully defend its championship title in 2015 having won it in 2011 too.

Of the seven “Rugby World Cups”, New Zealand has won three and it is still to be emulated by any other nation and with its team at its peak the 2019 “Rugby World Cup” too could be theirs if they play with the same gusto, spirit and enthusiasm as they are doing now.

The next “Rugby World Cup” is to be hosted by Japan the only Asian country ever to be a member of this elite club of nations competing against each other since 1987 to take this much heralded trophy to adorn the mantelpiece at their country’s Rugby headquarters.

An appropriate nickname

Japan is still to win the “Rugby World Cup” and whether they would be able to stop the “All Blacks” from romping home with three consecutive wins under their belt would be the most talked topic when the first match begins on Japanese soil.

New Zealand fondly called the “All Blacks” synonymous with their black pair of shorts, black stockings and the trade mark black jersey with the emblazoned silver fern on their chests has been a force to reckon with in Rugby history, though the game was first originated in far away England nearly two centuries ago.

The “All Blacks” have taken to Rugby like the proverbial “ducks taking to water” and have given a good run for their monies to every nation around the world either at the “Rugby World Cup” over the last thirty years or at other Rugby matches which are equated as “Rugby Tests”, over many years.

Well structured development

They would continue to dominate Rugby even into the future as they have a well structured Rugby development program which is attracting young talent as most youngsters are obsessed with Rugby, which is incidentally their national sport.

The “All Blacks” have been in four “Rugby World Cup Finals” and won three of them and the only other nation to emulate that feat has been Australia who have been in four “Rugby World Cup Finals” but won only two.

Fast paced open play

The Rugby that the “All Blacks” are famous for dishing out has been robust and tough with their fast paced open style which has brought their opponents down to their knees.

Most of their opponents find it difficult to come up with an adequate counter attack which has been their waterloo when confronted with the “All Blacks” swarming all over them.

The famous thought provoking and intimidating “Hakka Dance” that the “All Blacks” perform before every match has been a bone of contention to the opposing sides but they have not been able to curtail it as it is a traditional national dance of the Maori tribes who are the ancient occupants of this rich and fertile land.


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