To Play The Game They Play In Heaven, Anywhere!

Any Rugby player, official or supporter holds several truths to heart, borne of the splendid experiences they have personally encountered in their Rugby history.

Some of these “truths” may include but are not limited to things such as you should always receive if you win the coin toss, the halfback will always be the loudest player on each team and that singing Rugby songs off-key will induce incredible power from the players of the team that you are supporting.

However far-fetched these “truths’ or “myths” may be, one thing is for certain in Rugby and that is that if you can find a Rugby Club anywhere in the world, they will always welcome you with open arms as family.

Now it may not always be easy on the roving Rugby player to find a club for example, in Estonia, Djibouti or Peru. Sometimes, it may even be difficult to find clubs in more traditional Rugby playing countries such as South Africa, France or Australia.

Fear not Rugby enthusiasts! For through the technological advances of interconnectivity, application development and sheer LOVE, we can now inform all of you Rugby diehards that the WHERE TO PLAY RUGBY (WTPR) app is available on Play Store (coming soon to App Store too)!

Although traditionally, Rugby players have relied on global-trotting teammates and the occasional visiting international tourist for information on where to play Rugby in different exotic lands should the opportunity arise, the WTPR app broadens your Rugby brethren from mere dozens to potentially thousands!

By checking in your location on the app, WTPR will immediately respond on what Rugby clubs there are, what level of play they are at and whether or not Junior and Women’s Rugby is available at the clubs. You can then choose the level of participation you want to get involved in so whether you are an elite player, a beginner or a dinosaur looking for a senior run, WTPR can point you in the right direction.

Imagine the awesomeness! New friends, new clubhouses and an assortment of cracked-dry to muddy marshes to play on all around the world!

Have boots, will play…? Download WTPR, play anywhere!

Comment on the most exotic/ exciting/ exasperating Rugby field you have ever played on…


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