Rugby T-shirt banter at its best

Although most Rugby players will acknowledge the origins of the game is rooted in football, more than most will be quick to point out how different the two really are. So different in fact, that whilst acknowledging the technical uniqueness and sporting qualities of football and other sports, Rugby players will quickly point out that, well… it’s just not Rugby, is it?

Expression of these differences can also manifest itself in the artwork that resonates ultimately in what has to be the number one guerilla marketing tool of the past 100 years, the T-shirt.

The puns, humor and at times graphic illustration of many rugby T-shirts have gone on to become the stuff of legend. Who can forget the iconic graphic illustration of carnal pleasure captioned with the scrum instructions of the time of “crouch, touch, pause, engage”? Or the catchy “EAT. SLEEP. RUGBY. REPEAT.”

But oh, Rugby players are a creative and skillful lot and there is no end to what genius can emanate from a brain that has suffered one too many knocks.

We take a look at some of the funniest Rugby T-shirt banter ever… Some may not be all too politically correct but will certainly bring at least a wisp of a smile to all.

  1. Rugby saved me from being a pornstar… Now I’m just a hooker…
  2. Rugby… Natural selection at its best
  3. There are two kinds of people in this world… those who understand the rules of Rugby and Referees…
  4. There are two kinds of people in this world and being a Rugby coach is better than both of them…
  5. Rugby players age but never mature
  6. If Rugby was easy they’d call it football
  7. You either love Rugby or you’re wrong
  8. I’m a Rugby coach… to save time, let’s just assume I’m always right…
  9. Rugby… it’s like football but for men
  10. Rugby… picking fat kids first since 1823
  11. Rugby… play hard, die ugly
  12. Education is important… but Rugby is importanter
  13. Rugby… scaring the normal since 1823
  14. Rugby… because footballers need heroes too
  15. God created beer to stop Rugby players from taking over the world
  16. Rugby… where supporting a hooker won’t get you divorced.
  17. Rugby… where else can you have this much fun with 13 blokes and a hooker?
  18. 80 minutes, 15 positions, no protection… Wanna ruck?
  19. Rugby, kids, wife… in that order.
  20. Ruck me! Maul me! Make me scrum!
  21. If you can’t play nice, play Rugby.
  22. Rugby makes me happy… you, not so much…
  23. My drinking team has a Rugby problem…
  24. Always be yourself! Unless you can be Jonny Wilkinson… then be Jonny Wilkinson…
  25. Rugby… Pain now, beer later.

Do you have any memorable Rugby words you want to share? Go to the comments section and spread the giggle…


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